It’s important to learn how to use your small bits of time, your five minutes, your ten minutes. All those begin to count up…Don’t wait until your children are grown…Learn how to use your snatches of time when they are given to you.
–Ruth Asawa

Blobs In spring of 2020, New York emerged as the COVID epicenter, my family was hunkered down within it. I began to form these compositions at night–after putting my kids to bed–harnessing unspent creative energy. I found resonance in the words of Ruth Asawa on stealing personal moments in times of intense parenting. Over the months–and long days–in our house, this late night shape shifting became a retreat to both wrestle and play. The blobs were a year-long colorful muse. The intensity of those days has passed, and my children have grown bigger…but I continue to play with shapes, near a small window with views of Brooklyn, as they fall asleep. Find the blobs on Instagram. Join me, in full color, forward.

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